Sustainable Formulation For Goodyear Waste Haul Tire

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16 May 2022

Goodyear has revealed a new formulation for its Endurance WHA waste haul tire at the 2022 Waste Expo trade show in Las Vegas, USA.

The waste haul tire now uses the same renewable soybean oil compound as the company’s Metro Miler G152 and G652 tires, which were unveiled last week. The soybean oil – a surplus material sourced from the food industry – replaces a portion of the petroleum-based materials previously needed for production.

Designed to keep waste haul fleets on the road for longer, the Endurance WHA features a dual-layer tread compound in addition to a deep 24/32in skid depth to optimize and prolong tread life. Furthermore, customers can opt for tires with built-in DuraSeal Technology to automatically seal punctures within the tread to reduce vehicle downtime.

The Endurance WHA tire models that utilize the soybean oil compound are currently available for order, ahead of production beginning in Q3 of 2022.

“Producing the new Endurance WHA tire line-up with a sustainable soybean oil compound will help waste haul fleets pursue their sustainability goals while delivering the long hours to removal that the Endurance WHA tire is known for,” said Jessica Julian, commercial product marketing manager at Goodyear North America. “In each new Endurance WHA tire, soybean oil will replace almost 16 liquid ounces of free-flowing petroleum oil. When you multiply that by a moderately sized regional waste haul fleet of around 500 trucks, it could decrease petroleum-based products by the equivalent of almost 15 barrels of oil.”


Reference: Tire Technology 

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