Goodyear and NASCAR renew longstanding tire supply partnership

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4 December 2022

A new multi-year agreement has been signed between the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and NASCAR which will see Goodyear renewing its position as the exclusive tire supplier for the top three national series of NASCAR. The announcement marks the continuation of one of the longest-running partnerships in racing history, with the pair having had a business relationship since 1972.

For nearly 70 years, Goodyear’s engineers have used the NASCAR series as a testing ground for several generations of racing tire which must repeatedly deliver the high-performance level that the series demands, in addition to withstanding rigorous scenarios on the race circuit. Some of the technology used within the race series also informs the development of the tire manufacturer’s consumer products.

Over the decades, Goodyear’s Eagle race tires have developed greatly, with the racing slick introduced in 1972, the radial tire in 1989, a multi-zone tread design in 2013 and most recently an 18in Goodyear Racing Eagle tire for NASCAR’s Next Gen stock car.

Each year, Goodyear manufactures over 100,000 tires for the top three series of NASCAR, with each tire being hand-built at Goodyear’s Akron, Ohio, facility.

“From our manufacturing plants to offices around the world, racing is ingrained in our culture, and the importance of our relationship with NASCAR is reflected in the quality, performance and engineering we put into every Goodyear Eagle race tire,” said Richard Kramer, chairman, chief executive officer and president, Goodyear. “Our performance on the racetrack plays an active role in the success of the sport and inspires the development of our consumer tires, fueling our commitment to take performance and innovation to the next level.”

“Goodyear has been a trusted partner to the NASCAR industry since 1954, playing a critical role in our shared pursuit to deliver the best racing in the world,” said Steve Phelps, president, NASCAR. “For more than 25 years, Goodyear Eagle tires have been the only component that connects the stock car to the racetrack. Our continued partnership will allow us to push boundaries and innovate our racing product for generations to come.”


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